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I bring over 8 years of elderly caregiving experience combined with care management and business experience. I have a MBA in Healthcare Management and work in the IT field for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid. I have gained first hand experience working with the elderly while taking care of my own aging parents. I have also learned a great deal of what it takes to give a good quality of life to the elderly through education and work related experience. When you and I work together you will gain immediate access to the knowledge and expertise I have acquired through my caregiving journey. I value building positive relationships with everyone I connect with. I have been in your shoes and understand the challenges faced while taking care of a loved one. My recommendations are based on your strengths as a caregiver and the desires of your loved one receiving care. This practical approach brings a higher quality of life for both of you. I can also help get through stressful situations and can patiently explain difficult circumstances to others. My goal is to empower my clients in making informed practical decisions and provide peace of mind in the process, resulting in improved quality of life, and more favorable care outcomes.

I started this company to help others just like me. I once was lost as a caregiver, I was scared, wasn't sure if I was doing things correctly and seeing my parents in their situation was very tough for me. I did not have guidance, someone to speak to, anywhere to go for guidance or advice. I don't want others to experience what I did. It is already a tough situation to be in and on top of it, not knowing what to do. I want to be able to share all my experiences, tips, skills, knowledge and expertise in whatever areas are needed. Your loved one becomes my loved one and I ensure that we can work together to keep them as well as you safe and happy.

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Meet My Mom - Sarla Daniels


My mom Sarla Daniels is the inspiration and motivation behind Seva. She is the reason I want to share my joys and experiences of caregiving with you all. I have had the honor and privilege of taking care of her for the past 8 years. My mother was a NICU nurse and an anesthesiologist for all her professional life. She enjoyed traveling, cooking, taking care of her family and most of all she loved life. Dementia crept into her life ever so slowly in her later years after retirement. It didn't just rob her of her memories, but it robbed her from us who loved her dearly. I began to notice as the days passed that she needed help remembering the little things, she needed help with meals since she could no longer cook on the stove, she couldn't write anymore so needed help paying her bills, she couldn't remember how to match her clothes anymore, she would forget where she left her keys and she would forget to take her medication. These were all little things at first but then as the disease ate away at her brain she would forget who I was, she no longer recognized her own family and friends, she wasn't aware that she was living in her own home, she would start wandering, she couldn't tell the difference between a tv remote and a cordless phone. I had to step in and take big decisions for her and her safely. I moved back home to care for her which consisted of preparing her meals, taking her to all her appointments, making sure she was showered and clean, making sure she was safe around the house, and making sure I was right by her side with every step she took. I wanted to be the first and last smiling face she saw when she went to bed and woke up. I remodelled the house that she worked so hard to make into a home so that it was accessible and had all the features to make it comfortable and safe for her. Being her caregiver has taught me a lot about her, dementia as well as myself. It has brought out my motherly, loving, nurturing and caring characteristics I did not know I had. This experience has made me humble and appreciate all the small things in life. As her dementia progresses her needs have increased and I have learned how to deal with each challenge with a positive, caring and loving approach. This is a learning experience and what keeps me going is to remember all the dedication and love she put into raising me when I was small. Even though she has forgotten us, I remember who she was and who she is now. My mother is a living example of what a little patience, love and the right skills and knowledge can do to keep your loved one happy, healthy and safe. I want you to be in control of your own journey and look back one day and be proud of yourself and that you gave your loved one the best quality of care.

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