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Seva Cares About You

That's right, Seva cares about ‘YOU’. Being a caregiver comes with a lot of challenges as well as questions. I want to make sure that you are the best caregiver to your loved one while taking care of yourself.

You may already have the skills and knowledge to be a caregiver and you are probably already a superhero to your loved one. Even superhero's need someone to talk to when things get tough. Seva wants to be your friend, the one you call to vent because you are frustrated, to discuss any challenges, to share those tiny successes and to ask those questions that will help you understand your role as a caregiver. 

A Seva counseling session is just that. A friendly chat focused on 'You'. Our goal is to make sure that you provide the best care to your loved one with less stress. A lot goes into caregiving, your time, energy, emotions and even finances. All these factors can take a toll on a caregiver and Seva is committed to helping you strategize them. It is very important to focus on yourself for your own physical and mental health. Seva welcomes family members who are also interested in a counseling session. It is our goal to walk with you on your personal journey.

Holding Hands
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