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Many aging people prefer to age in place. They would like to continue living in their home that serves as a place of comfort and familiarity. This also means that your loved on can continue living their life amongst their family and friends along with their lifestyle they have enjoyed for years. Many aging people do not want to move out of their home and into assisted living or nursing home facilities, where they can lose their freedom. 

Seva is here to help you make sure that the home they live in is safe for them. An in person or video inspection is conducted while you walk a Seva coach through the home and areas that your loved one frequents. This inspection will evaluate the home for safety and comfort keeping in mind the people who live there and their disabilities. Depending on the inspection any safety recommendations will be made. This will make families that care for their loved ones from a distance be worry free. 

Some of the issues Seva will inspect are:

  • If the home has multiple levels, can the person go up and down the stairs carefully or do they need to be moved to one floor. 

  • Are the doors and hallways wide enough for accessibility such as those who use wheelchairs and walkers.

  • Does the home need access ramps, handrails or chair lifts. 

  • Is the bathroom accessible with grab bars and a shower chair.

  • Are the rugs and carpeting non slip, preventing fall risk

  • Make sure there is no furniture or fixtures that may trip someone

  • Are smoke detectors working and batteries replaced 

  • Is there enough lighting in bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways and stairwells.

Home Safety Inspections (In Person/Virtual): Service
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