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Skills Training: Services

Hands on skills training will make you prepared and confident in the care you provide resulting in a safe and happy loved one. This session can range from just a few hours to a full day. A Seva coach will share their experiences and skills they acquired throughout their caregiving journey, making it easier and stress free for both caregiver and individual receiving the care.
This session is held in person at the loved one’s residence (practicing all COVID precautions) or on video chat. This training is specific to the care that is provided and the challenges faced.  Seva’s compassionate, creative and skillful coach will observe then practice new skills with you which will ease daily living activities. Having a Seva coach by your side for a day will allow you to get some relief, be heard, share what successes you’ve found and what challenges you have faced. While there, your coach will be observing and trying out engagement options and sensory stimulation, building a personalized plan for moving forward. Through music, scent, touch and other modes, we will provide new options for increasing positive behaviors and navigating difficult times. Specialized in Dementia care, your coach will help identify small refinements of care to help your loved one understand, cooperate and focus while going through their daily tasks and routines




Transfering a person carefully and safely is very important. One little mishap can cause injury to both the caregiver and person. Proper transfer and lifting techniques to maneuver a person from and to their bed, chair or couch are covered


Learning the proper techniques for bathing an individual who struggles with various physical challenges is very important. Your Seva coach will cover individual privacy, safety measures and equipment use. For example, electric shaver vs. shaving stick, Shower chair vs. Standing, Full Shower vs. sponge bathing. Tips for handling those with dementia and Alzheimer are also covered.

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No matter what your loved one’s going through, keeping them clean and dry is vital. Bad hygiene can cause unwanted sores, skin issues and can lead to infections. Training covers how to keep individuals clean, dry and safe while keeping their dignity and privacy. How to dispose of soiled items, how to use safety measures in the bathroom for the individual and self and helpful tips. Tips and tricks are shared to get an individual with dementia to practice good hygiene.


Covers safety in all situations for loved ones as themselves. How to handle an individual on the stairs, getting up from a sitting position, balance issues, perception as well as eyesight issues. Your Seva coach will assist with safe and proper use of appliances and assistive apparatus. An emergency evacuation plan will be put in place and smoke detectors checked. For more information on Home Safety Inspections please click here.

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 Making sure your loved one is eating a nutritious meal and on time is another priority of Seva skills training. Training covers making a mealtime routine, tips and tricks on how to get your loved one to finish their meals, how to organize and prep food that make mealtime appetizing and an enjoyable event and not a stressful and frustrating one. What a  great feeling it is looking forward to a good meal and enjoying it.


Depending on the needs of the caregiver, additional tips and skills will be taught. As the coach learns about the caregiver’s daily routine, skills such as Time Management, Self Care, Understanding your loved one’s mental and physical capabilities, handling medication, just to mention a few. Feel free to ask your coach if there is anything you want to know or need assistance with, and they will gladly help you.

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Skills Training: News and Tips
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